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Air Balloon Mobile | Frappe


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A fantastic summer evening becomes even more perfect when hot-air balloons suddenly pop up in the breezy sky. With our interior balloons those dreamy summer memories float directly into your childrens’ room.
Our air-balloon-mobiles with three balloons are handcrafted with many fine details that bring joy to children and parents alike. Choose your favourite colour to create your own balloon fiesta.

Our air-balloon-mobile comes in a beautiful box that is so cute, it makes wrapping paper unnecessary. Of course, the box can be used for storage in your children’s room.

As our balloons are handmade, every item has its own unique look.
Did you know that the balloon is made of recycled plastic and the ring is made of beautiful bamboo?

Important information: Our mobiles are for decoration and should be kept out of your child’s reach.


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