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This extra virgin olive oil is pressed from a single variety – the finest Coratina olives harvested at Babylonstoren. Coratina is renowned for being potently expressive with a fruity, tangy taste and bitter undertone. It has more than 300% more polyphenols (which are packed with antioxidants) than other kinds of olive oil, making it even more healthy and valuable. This full-bodied oil is one to slurp up with a fresh-from-the-oven sourdough.

500 ml

The intense antioxidants in this Coratina oil make it special from a health-promoting perspective – it’s able to neutralise free radicals and acts as a strong anti-inflammatory agent, in addition to protecting the cells in our bodies. Olive oil does not mature with age – it should be consumed as fresh as possible to make the most of both its culinary and health benefits.

The full-bodied character of this oil will add dimension to the dishes you pair it with. Opt for bold flavours including steak, as well as heavier soups and stews. A robust oil for a robust meal, yet delicious served with sourdough toast or with a tangy tomato sauce.

Colour:Green with a golden tint.



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