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These cute mini road signs make car and road play much more fun. The mini-sized, yet realistic-looking signs will assist children in understanding the rules of the road from a young age. Pair it with the vinyl road and wooden cars, and you will have a game that children can engage with for hours. Let their imaginations run wild as they enjoy pretend play

Country: Made in Cape Town, South Africa

Age: 3 years +

Composition :Wooden signs

* Sustainably sourced wood

* Non-toxic paint

* Recycled plastic

Dimensions( HxLxW) : 95mm x 38mm

Packaging contents: 10

Developmental Aspects –

Language skills: Accidental reading as your child learns what each road sign means.

Socio-emotional skills: Social skills, sharing and cooperation.

How to care of the product – 

Wipe with a damp cloth and tap dry.

Do not immerse in water. If washed, the wood may expand and become dry.


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