Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Frantoio


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Extracted from a single varietal, pure Frantoio essence has been trapped within this golden delicious olive oil. Savour layers of creaminess, notes of green grass, almonds, wildflowers and green apple. Best enjoy drizzled over seasonal salads or soaked up by chunks of fresh bread.

500 ml

Olive oil does not mature with age – it should be consumed as fresh as possible to make the most of both its culinary and health benefits. The monounsaturated oleic acids in the oil keep cardiovascular systems in optimal condition, while the gentle antioxidants neutralise many free radicals.

This oil is ideal to pair with gentler dishes such as white fish. It’s particularly well-suited to complement desserts ice cream with lots of nuts, and even fruit salads. The tropical notes detected in the oil will delightfully enhance the fruity flavours, especially bananas.


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