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Maccie Sleep Sacks : 6-18m


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2-tog bamboo winter sleep sack, which stands out for its exceptional softness.

It is recommended that babies and toddlers sleep in natural fibres like bamboo. Bamboo is known for its thermoregulating properties, which make it a dream to sleep in, no matter the season. Bamboo’s natural fibres make it super breathable, so you stay cool in summer and warm in winter. Say goodnight to overheating and sweating, and wake your little one up during the night.

The sleep sacks are designed for infants who are rolling and sitting. The baby (0-6 months) size sleeping bag is the perfect transition sleep solution from swaddling, offering a unique blend of comfort and safety. 

The bigger toddler sizes are generous in length, and the ergonomically designed bag features a bell-shaped bottom to promote healthy hip joint development. The material is stretchy, allowing babies to move more freely and stay comfortable while they sleep.

Our 2-tog sleep sacks are recommended in cool rooms with temperatures ranging from 16°C to 20°C.

MACCIE bamboo muslin winter sleep sacks are designed to be worn snugly, helping little ones sleep safely and soundly. 

A convenient two-way zipper down the middle makes bedtime nappy changes even more accessible! 


Product features:

Breathable Natural Fibers
Slim-fit and stretchy
Bell-shaped bottom
Arms-out sleeping
Two-way zip
No blankets needed

6 – 18 months is 90cm long


Baby Blue, Baby Pink, Mint Green


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