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Quilted baby playmat

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80 x 100cm

Elevate playtime and embrace comfort with KO-COON.

Our KO-COON Cotton Quilted Playmat isn’t just luxurious; it’s designed with your convenience and your baby’s development in mind.

Crafted from premium cotton and insulated with carefully chosen batting, our playmat guarantees your baby’s comfort and safety. The unique insulation properties of the batting create a cozy environment, keeping your baby warm during cooler months and providing a cool surface during warmer days. This means more enjoyable play, tummy time, bonding, and exploration for your little one, no matter the season.

From playtime to tummy time, our playmat offers a versatile space for your baby’s activities. It’s a perfect platform for play, fostering cognitive and motor skill development. Tummy time becomes a joy as the soft quilted surface supports your baby’s muscle development. Bonding moments are enhanced as you and your baby interact on the comfortable surface of the KO-COON Playmat.

One of the best parts? Easy care is at the heart of our design. The KO-COON Playmat is machine washable – simply toss it in a cold wash cycle to maintain its pristine appearance and ensure your baby enjoys a hygienic play environment. To ensure its longevity, avoid tumble drying – a small effort that guarantees lasting comfort.

Thoughtfully and ethically sourced, the KO-COON Playmat exudes both elegance and neutrality. Its detailed design complements various baby bedding sets and nursery wall art, allowing you to create a curated look that resonates with your style.

Whether you’re spending quality time indoors, enjoying the outdoors, or embarking on an adventure, the KO-COON Cotton Quilted Playmat is your perfect companion. Its portable design allows you to effortlessly fold and tuck it into your baby bag, ensuring comfort is always at hand wherever you go. Displaying them together completes the picture-perfect nursery you’ve envisioned.

Choose a playmat that aligns with your values and caters to your baby’s needs. Choose the KO-COON Cotton Quilted Playmat – where comfort meets growth in a beautifully crafted package.


Black, Fudge, Grey, Milky white


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