Quilted Cotton Changing Padding


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Natural fibres, beautiful and simple aesthetic  design, highly functional and easy care – this is our essential Baby Changing Padding / Mat – which can be used in our Changing Basket or on its own. Folds and fits easily in your baby bag.


Our minimalist creed, parenting and business consciousness led us to design a product which is multi functional, supporting local community and with a minimum impact on the environment.

You can use the changing mat on its own or as padding within our changing basket.

If you are a new parent, you will need a changing mat and this is our take –  Changing basket – it combines the beauty of 100% natural ilala palm leaves woven by Malawian artisans with a durable and easily-washable inner 

Product details:

  • Mat size: 75×45 cm and 60×40 cm and approximately 2 cm height.
  • Quilted 100 % soft cotton and conventional 250 gsm batting inner. 
  • Machine washable; doesn’t shrink.
  • Versatile and multi functional as can be re-purposed once your baby grew out of it. Just use if as a floor sitting padding 



60 x 40cm, 75 x45cm


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