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Rocker 2-in-1 (Moses stand / rocking horse)


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Rocking away in KO-COON! We took our Rocking stand to a whole new level – literally.

The one and only Moses ROCKING STAND in the world which transforms into a ROCKING HORSE!

Made from solid pine wood, this stand perfectly holds our Moses Baskets and allows for a gentle rocking motion to send your newborn to sleep. And after the baby grows out of the Moses basket, the stand can be used as a Rocking horse. Years of fun and functionality.


This natural-finish, pine wood stand has been designed to hold our KO-COON Moses Basket. It will look chic and stylish in any home. It features 2 different height levels to allow you to set it up at the perfect height next to your bed, easily soothe your baby within.

Designed so that you can rock it gently, we hope it will help you and your precious baby, get many hours of much-needed peaceful sleep.

The added feature as a rocking horse will bring hours of whimsical play and makes it as a family heirloom.

Product details:

Our stands come now with 2 height levels and are made to fit the wider size of our KO-COON Moses Baskets.

  • The stand measures 54cm height (bottom to top)
  • Top level to hold the basket is at 48cm height and with an avg height basket x 27cm will take it to a height of  75cm.
  • The lower level to hold the basket or to be used as a Rocking horse is at 33 cm height. If you add a basket of an avg of 27cm, will take the basket up to a 60cm height.
  • The side safety brackets are to be set up after your basket size.
  • Pair it with any of our baskets from Natural or Timeless Collection, Boho or the Zen from Ethereal Collection


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