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Filibabba: Pool 80cm


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A small pool perfect for the little ones when they need to be cooled down on those hot summer days. A baby pool is great for stimulating water fun and splashing and for making the child comfortable with water. With its 80 cm diameter, the pool will easily fit into any garden. The pool is made of extra thick and durable 0,25 mm PVC. 3 repair patches are included so that you can enjoy the pool for as long as possible.

Attention: Closely watch children who are in or near the pool. Always empty after use.

All our swim items are carefully tested and are approved according to the European standard EN-71, and all carry the CE mark.

Kindly note that during the shipping process from Europe, some of the packaging boxes got slightly damaged, but the product inside is perfectly fine.


Height (cm) 35
Width (cm) 80
Length (cm) 80

Breezy harmony green, Breezy harmony sandy, Collection of memories, Little Sailor


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