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This sturdy tractor will be one of the toys your child takes out of the toybox repeatedly. It is easy to hold for little hands, making it easy to move around. Versatile item that can start as nursery décor and end off as an enjoyable, durable toy.

Collection : Little Greyton

Country: Made in Cape Town, South Africa

Age: 8 months  +

Composition: Beechwood

* Sustainably sourced wood

* Non-toxic paint

* Recycled plastic

Dimensions (HxLxW) : 85mmx 210mm x 100mm

Packaging contents: 8

Developmental Aspects –

Fine motor skills: Grasping an object. Following the moving object(s) with our eyes. Eye-hand coordination.

Language skills: Making familiar sounds related to a car driving around ie:“brr-rrr-rr” o

Cognitive skills: Planning and problem-solving. A good idea is to build a road and / or obstacle to move around so the child can drive the item.

Perception skills: Knowing which side is the top and bottom of the item. Moving the item under / through obstacles as well as over/behind obstacles.

Gross motor skills: Crossing the midline when pushing the item from one side of the body to the other side.

Socio-emotional skills: Social skills, sharing and cooperation.

How to care of the product – 

Wipe with a damp cloth and tap dry.

Do not immerse in water. If washed, the wood may expand and become dry.





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