Difrax Non Spill Sippy Cup


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No neck strain.
Prevents spills.
Suitable from 6 months.
Adjustable drinking speed.

Make drinking easy and comfortable with the Difrax Anti-spill Sippy Cup. This cup is designed for children aged 6 months and older, serving as an ideal first step in transitioning from a bottle to a drinking cup. It features a two-position valve that allows you to adjust the drinking speed according to your child’s needs.

The Anti-spill Spout Cup is specifically designed to prevent spills, making it perfect for use on the go. Its conical shape ensures that the drink flows to the spout when the cup is held horizontally, eliminating the need for your child to strain their neck by tilting it too far back.

With its soft spout and integrated two-position anti-spill system, this cup offers a comfortable and controlled drinking experience. The detachable handles allow for easy gripping and handling. It’s worth noting that this unique and patented non-spill cup has been developed in collaboration with a medical team, ensuring its reliability and suitability for your child’s needs.


Brick, Caramel, Clay


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