One Aid-First Aid Kit


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Introducing TheKit – packed full of first aid essentials to help treat childhood illnesses and emergencies. Because everyone knows, a well-stocked first aid kit is a must for every home.

With thoughtfully selected items, this kit will complete your medicine cupboard. Plus, each kit contains a fridge magnet with must-know emergency numbers in South Africa.

Each Kit includes:

(2) Pairs of gloves
(1) Hand disinfectant
(4) First aid dressing
(3) Conforming bandage
(1) Crepe bandage
(1) Triangular bandage
(6) Sterile gauze
(2) Sterile dressing pad
(2) Island dressing
(1) Sterile eye dressing
(30) Plaster strips
(1) First aid scissors
(1) Metal tweezers
(1) Burn gel
(1) Burn dressing
(100) Cotton buds
(6) Safety pins
(1) Antiseptic cream
(1) Antiseptic solution
(1) Adhesive tape
(1) Digital thermometer
(1) Syringe
(1) Medicine spoon
(1) Wooden splint
(1) Cold pack
(1) CPR mouth piece
(5) Reward stickers
(1) Emergency numbers fridge magnet


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